Hello! My name is Scott Berry and I represent a non-profit educational
organization dedicated to providing instruction related to Medieval
history. We will be offering a variety of classes to the homeschool
community throughout the state. Class topics range from inkle weaving,
making chainmail, archery, and clay tile making. Our classes are low
cost (as we get funding, we hope to make these classes completely free
to homeschool groups!) - we do not have a specific meeting place at this
time, but are willing to travel and meet where ever might be convenient
for groups throughout the state.

I am a licensed educator in the state of New Mexico, highly qualified in
language arts, science, and social studies. I also served 15 years as
a military historian for the US Air Force. I am a member of the Society
for Creative Anarchonism (SCA) which is a Medieval history recreation group.
My interests in Medieval history are wide and varied - visit my blog and you
will get some idea of my interests and activities.

Our next class will be on inkle weaving; I will be availble to teach this
class from March 13 through March 21. I will post a thread under the "classes"

I may be contacted at [email protected] or cell 505-321-8328 (afternoons and
evenings please). Also visit my blog at http://medieval-living.com/wordpress.

Scott Berry
Medieval Living, Inc.