New to Homeschooling needs advice
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    Default New to Homeschooling needs advice

    Hello everyone! My question is if anyone has experience with transferring to public school and them accepting/not accepting the course work from this program when admitting.?

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    One of my kids went back to school after using T4L. I never mentioned T4L. Just made a report card. That said, every school district will have its own set of rules for returning to school after homeschooling, so I'd check with them first.

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    Default Re: New to Homeschooling needs advice

    Until they start earning credits, most public schools will enroll previously enrolled students at the grade level that corresponds to their age. You might have a bit of a challenge if you want to enroll them at an unusual grade level for their age. Here is what New Mexico's homeschool law says: Please keep in mind that state law provides that for students transferring from home school to public schools, the local school board shall ensure that the grade level at which the transferring student is placed is appropriate to the age of the student or to the student's score on a student achievement test administered according to the statewide assessment and accountability system.

    Once they begin to earn credits (in high school or sometimes middle school), public schools still have to enroll them . . . but they do not have to accept non-public-school work for credit. Some schools will allow your child to test to prove their homeschool credits. New Mexico does leave it up to the school. Here is what the New Mexico homeschool laws say about that: Please keep in mind that state law provides that for purposes of transferring to a public school, acceptance of credits earned through home study courses is determined by the policy of the local school board.

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