Ok, here's the problem.

My daughter is in kindergarten and she does great with the video sections of the science block, she answers all of the questions on the first try and moves on to the next section of her block, but when she gets to the quiz at the end of her block she gives up doesn't want to attempt it and our conversation goes a bit like this.

What doesn't live in the ocean?

Does a fish live in the ocean?


Does a squid live in the ocean?


Does a tree live in the ocean?


at this point I feel like losing it but I take a deep breath and we move onto something else like language arts or math which she has no problem completing.

What can I do to help my child? I don't want anyone accusing me of denying her a education. I've thought that maybe she just needs a break or a nap but I've tried that and she still doesn't want to quiz. How do I prove she is getting the education she deserves???