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    Default Re- Enrolled!

    Hello! My name is Colleen. TIME 4 LEARNING has really saved our hides! My father used to say, Making it though public school is like living though a drive by shooting! I grew up in Northern New Mexico, so I have a tendency to agree with him. Although we all know this comparison works almost anywhere now. Anyhow I just managed to get a few dollars together again, so I could re-enroll my youngest children. I thought I might get to know the other members this time around. I really enjoy TIME 4 LEARNING, my children do as well. Thank you.

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    Hi Colleen!

    It's nice to have you back with us, and I'm so glad you joined the forum! Love the drive-by shooting analogy! LOL

    Mom to five of the world's most incredible kids, and homeschooling all the way!

    "If the schools were perfect, I would still homeschool my children - because it isn't about school. It's about families taking back their children and educating them as they see best. School is only a substitute for the real thing."

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