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    Default Welcome to the New Mexico Forum!

    Time4Learning is happy to provide a forum for homeschoolers in individual states to connect with one another. Please use this forum to find members near you, ask each other state-related questions, and post information about local homeschool events.
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    I am wanting to sign my daughter up for this program but I have a few questions that hopefully you can point me in the right direction. She is a freshman in high school and I would prefer her to be home due to the schools not being able to guarantee her safety while she is away from me. There have been several school shootings and a lot of jumping people in the school system now a days. I am wondering if this will be acceptable for her to apply to a college and if it meets new mexico laws to receive a diploma. I just dont want her to bust her butt doing all her work and when it is time for her to attend college to start her career she is told it isnt good enough. I hope you understand what I mean and can advise.

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