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    Hi everyone, I am considering homeschooling my 9 year old son he is having a lot of trouble sitting still and it's causing his behavior to get out of control. I have an appt. on Monday 04/29/13 with homeschool district will I be able to pull him for de schooling? And do I have to contact the school if I pull him? Thanks in advance for the replies!!!

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    The short answer is yes you do have to notify the school. A letter of intent must be sent to superintendent of schools in the school district that you live in within 14 days of you beginning homeschooling. The school district is supposed to send you the paperwork to fill out for the student's individual home instruction plan. You have four weeks to fill this out and get it back to them. Always send everything with a return receipt when you send paperwork to the school district. Some parents hand deliver it and have the secretary stamp a copy of the material as received. Here is a good copy of the law in New York.

    Finding a good local homeschool support group will help you a lot. It provides a social outlet for your child and it gives you the support you need. They are used to dealing with the local school districts and can point you to the right people along the way. Please let us know how things go and what we can do to support your journey.
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