Hi my name is Tina Rodriguez, I am an artist/art educator with NYS Visual Arts Certification k-12. I am interested in bringing the gift of art to my students and guiding their growth. I worked in the public school system for the last seven years and now I have moved on to expanding my population and services. I am ready to meet my new students and embark on the journey of transformation that the artist process allows.

My pricing is flexible to meet the monetary needs of my students. Listed below are some basic class structures. These are just a starting point. I aim to design a curriculum to meet your needs. Classes:

Portfolio Building Course (students age 14-?)

This 2 session 2 hour long course is designed to help students understand what a college ready portfolio consists of. Students will be introduced to drawing from observation, a process that helps students translate visual perceptions of their world into a two-dimensional drawing. Materials are included in the course price. Students will also be introduced to the process of creative problem solving that is utilized during college admission procedures and art programs. In depth thorough focus will be spent on vocabulary development and presentation skills.

Course price: $40.

Find your ARTvoice Studio course (students age 14-?)

This 2 hour studio course is for the interested new student and the skilled expert. The structure of this class will be more based on independent learning. Students can bring in work or come ready to tackle "a problem provided". Pencils, charcoal and paper will be supplied, all other materials are student choice and are welcomed with responsible environmental use. I will guide and provide you with constructive criticism to mold your skills and direct your vision. Students will develop a unique visual language.

Course price: students (14-21) $15 adults $25

Kids Art Class (students age 6-10)

One hour art class. Fun projects for kids that help them explore new media and grasp new skills. Enjoyment and creative exploration is encouraged and embraced. Course price includes art materials. Students will explore artist and art history while discovering the elements and principles of art through art creation. Maximum 12 students.

Course price: $10

Tiny Kids Art Class (Students age 4-6)

45 minute art class. Fun projects that encourage exploration. Focus will be on texture exploration, fine motor development and color names. Students will be given the tools and support to develop their development. Course price includes art materials. Maximum 6 students.

Course price: $10

I am accepting new students now and I look forward to meeting them! You can contact me at 518-221-3849 or [email protected]