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    I am not sure I understand what exactly is required by NYS for homeschooling. I notice people use a few different sites as well - as a supplement? Supplement for what, is the question I have? What about gym, arts, music ect.?

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    gym, arts, music is all up to you, there are many activities going on in NYS depending where you are, you should check out yahoo groups online there are many homeschooling groups that work just like this, they are incredibly helpful and have very knowledgeable homeschool veterans that help everyone with questions and understanding the regulations ect... you should also familiarize yourself with the homeschooling regulations for NYS. NYHEN is a great place to start and as i said the yahoo groups are fantastic, they have really been a lifeline for me over the last 3 years of homeschooling my 4! good luck....

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