considering the T4L program but question about NYS
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    Default considering the T4L program but question about NYS

    Does anyone know if homeschooled children can still take classes through BOCES? My daughter is currently enrolled in the cosmetology program but would like to homeschool. She still wants to continue with the program. She currently is a Junior and only takes English and Social Studies.

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    I un-enrolled my son from public school when I decided to home school him. I'm still sending in paperwork to the district, but through an entirely separate program. You would need to contact BOCES (or whoever is the liaison in your district) about combining "special education" with homeschooling. I've never homeschooled at the high school level, as both of my daughters chose to return to public school by then and my son is only in 7th grade.

    There's certainly nothing stopping you from signing her up for TFL, separate from what the school district is doing. You can put together your own transcript for college applications if she plans to go to college. If she turned 16 before the school year began, then she's past the age of mandatory schooling in NYS, and you may not need to involve the school district at all (though I'm not sure how that works with BOCES.)
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