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    Hello everyone! do you mind sharing your daily schedule so i can have at least an idea if i am on the right track. thanks and God bless!

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    We don't really have a daily schedule. We are pretty laid back homeschoolers. And if an outside activity comes up that sounds good we will drop everything and go.

    On the days we are home, I am usually up first. I do my daily internet activities, email and things like that. When my son wakes up he eats and plays on his DS until I am finished with my things. Then we will do school work for an hour or so. If we are really on a role, we might do two hours. But that's pretty rare. Then we clean up around the house and start dinner. Sometimes if we didn't get any work done during the day we will work on it after Dad goes to bed. Usually between 10 and 12. My son and I are both late nighters so this works for us. Usually we have outside activities several days per week. He plays soccer and bowling. He takes classes at a couple of historical sites and an environmental center. We also go to a monthly class at our local art museum. Starting next week he will be taking a weekly class in make lampwork beads. Eventually he wants to learn how to blow glass but he is not old enough for that class yet.
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