Date: March 25th, 2016 (Friday)

Time: Session 1: 1-2 PM Session 2: 5-6 PM

Purpose: We are an international company specializing in web-based education and entertainment products for kids and families. Before launching our product national wide in US, we would like to host a focus group session in our New York office to gain insights of user experience and collect customer feedback for further improvement.

Content: Kids and parents will go to our website, provide reviews and trial play our product. After using our product, they will fill in a survey to share their feedback.

 Kids aged 8-13
 Both parents and kids are in good health and based in NYC and can travel to the focus group session venue (located in Times Square) ON TIME
 Both parents and kids are native English speakers or equivalent level of fluency
 Kids can finish the testing under the guidance of parents and will not interrupt others to finish their testing
 Parents should have a mobile device (could be a smart phone/tablet/desktop operating on either Android or iOS device)

Compensation: Visa (debit) gift card. $25 per person. (No more than 3 kids per parent, Maximum $100 per family). Light refreshment will be provided during the testing session.

Additional Notes:
 Participants are responsible for covering their own transportation
 We are located conveniently off of the S,1,2,3,N,Q,R,A,C,E, and 7 Trains
 Both parents and kids need to finish all the assigned testing content before getting payment
 Failure in accomplishing all assigned content will disqualify the participant from getting compensation

Please email [email protected] or call 800-213-7456 if you meet the requirements and are interested in participating. Please tell us you and your child's name, your email address and phone number, which session you would like to participate. Very limited spots for these two sessions left. First come, first served!

Thanks for your consideration. We hope to see you soon.