Hello from Kenmore (Buffalo) NY
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    Default Hello from Kenmore (Buffalo) NY

    Hi we are new to T4L....we are excited to begin with this program! I have 3 boys an 11 yr old 6th grader, a 9 year old 4th grader, and a 7 year old ....My 11 & 9 year olds are being homeschooled with T4L. My 7 year old is severely disabled, so he attends a private school for children with disabilities. My 9 year old is also disabled, but much less severely, so he will be home with me & my 11 year old.
    A brief history...my boys were in public school up until my oldest was in 3rd grade, and my middle was in 1st grade. We pulled them out of the public school due to some issues with a new incoming principal who told me my son was NOT disabled -just lazy and obese (even after she spoke to his dr!) ...and we had a gym teacher who advised us that my son was FAKING! Anyway....we immediately pulled them and enrolled them in a small private christian school which we LOVED for the last 3 years, but sadly it closed at the end of last school year.
    The boys had begged me to homeschool them if their school closed and I agreed...and surprisingly even got my husband to agree....and we enrolled in a homeschool program through a private christian school online...we worked with them for 5 days....and the boys were LOST! Assignments took forever, and were very demanding & confusing....
    Anyway, so here we are ....Is there anyone else here from this area? I just brought a new IHIP document to our district to approve T4L so in the meantime, we will start -even if it is just for review right now...hoping we love it as much as it seems we will! I would love to hear from others in this area....Brandi

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    Default Hello there

    Hi there. We are considering pulling our 11 year-old son and homeschooling with this program. I'm wondering how your sons are liking this program so far? Thanks, Susan

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    Hi Susan, so far my boys like it fairly well...we are mostly using the Language arts & math right now...the math does move a bot quickly so we dont use it all the time. We use it in conjunction with other things I have found online (worksheets, etc) ....we use the social studies (which is ok, but a bit dry) and for science we are using a workbook that is geared more toward a Biblical point of view....I love the Language arts in T4L the best. They are learning a lot from it. Overall I think it is a great program..user friendly, keeps the kids attention pretty well.

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