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    I am looking for some homeschooling advise. I am a newbie here and have not home-schooled before. My husband has a new job, that will have us traveling all over the US every 16-18 months. We have decided that it would be too hard on our youngest to be in and out of schools that often and decided we want to home school her. She has social anxiety, but right now it is manageable since we have lived in one area her whole life. I hate to think what would happen. She is ending 6th Grade now, and will be starting 7th in the fall. We are planning our first move late fall early winter. We don't have a definite date yet but the guestimate is Nov, and he will be working in New York, Long Island area. Any help navigating this would be very helpful.

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    Hello! I'm not in the NY area, but I did find these New York homeschool laws...I hope they are helpful. We use Time4Learning and don't have a lot of experience with other curricula, but I will say that Time4Learning is perfect for your situation. It's all online, nothing to download or install, so it moves easily with you. You can go here to check out the 7th grade lesson plans, if you wanted to take a glance at them and see what her year would look like.

    Good luck with everything! Looking forward to seeing you around the boards.
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