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    I have recently decided to homeschool my children for the next school year. It's been a very long day full of homeschooling research so my brain is pretty fried. I could use your help understanding this piece of the New York state home schooling regulations...

    The IHIP should include....

    "a statement that the child will be meeting the compulsory educational requirements of Education Law, section 3205 through full-time study at a degree-granting institution, meaning enrollment for at least 12 semester hours in a semester or its equivalent, if that is the case. In this situation, the IHIP shall identify the degree-granting institution and the subjects to be covered by that study."

    What exactly does this mean in laymans terms? I guess I'm just stuck on the "degree-granting institution" part and I would love clarification on what exactly that is referring to...

    Thank you in advance!

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    Default IHIP requirements

    I've been homeschooling elementary aged students in NY for 4 years and my IHIPs include only what is required by law. That is to say they include the subjects required by section 100 of NYS ed code and the corresponding materials to be used. You are homeschooling not enrolling your child in a degree granting institution therefore the clause you quote does not really apply to you- in essence you are the degree granting institution.

    If you join a support group like LEAH or HSLDA they can and will walk you through and provide sample material for you to see. Do not be over ambitious, leave ambition and details in your personal planner. The law requires you to list the subjects and materials, not every last thing you hope to accomplish. Do what the law says and that is it. HSLDA is a great resource for legal advice.

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