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    Default Hi, New from WNY

    Hi my name is Carrie I live in Orleans county, I ws going to use Bob Jones this coming year but found T4L tonight and we looked over everything and decided to use this instead MY questions: 1. My dd is going into 1st grade, which subjects will i have to supplement that arent covered on T4L ? is it just like health and music and ths oddball ones? or are there any main subjects not covered?
    2. how do i fill out my IHIP for this?

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    First of all welcome to time4learning. I have a nine year old son. We have been using this program since preK and we totally love it. We do supplement sports and art. My son plays soccer and tennis for physical education. Our local Art Museum offers monthly homeschool classes that we participate in so that covers art. Then we use Handwriting Without Tears for basic handwriting practice. Other than that we do love to take lots of field trips to historical or educational sites. I don't think these are necessary to do but they are so much fun. My son learns a lot from them and to be honest so do I. It makes history so much more alive than reading from a book. How much you supplement is really up to you.

    As far as filling out the IHIP's, when you list math, you can just say First Grade Math using Time4Learning curriculum or something similar to that. THis should cover you for each of the core subjects.
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