Got this in my email and thought I would share. They look great.

They are...

* Kindergarten Activities for Christmas
- Matching numbers to easy single digit addition
- Mathcing numbers with number words
- Ordering numbers 1 to 10 in order
- Reading color words
* Christmas Candy Numbers
- Numbers 1 to 100
- Number words

* Nutcracker Numbers and Tables
- Number cards 1 to 100 plus blank cards to add your own numbers
- Table: 1 to 100
- Fill in the missing numbers, addition and multiplication
* Nutcracker Math 1st Grade
Skills covered:
- Addition (sums to 20)
- Subtraction
- Even/Odd
- Ordinal numbers
- Reading a graph
- Color words
- Size comparison (smallest/largest, shortest/tallest)
- Ordinal numbers
- Patterns (skip counting by 2 and by 3)
- Telling Time (hours)

* Christmas 1st Grade Sight Words
Christmas 1st Grade Sight Words and Interactive Bulletin Board download
has 2 complete sections. The 1st section contains all 41 1st grade
sight words on colorful flashcards on which students can trace each
word! The 2nd section contains materials to create a fun, interactive
bulletin board for students. On the bulletin board, students can
categorize all 41 sight words by syllable (1 syllable or 2)

* Twas the Night before Christmas coloring book!

To preview, go to:
http://www.examiner .com/homeschooli ng-in-denver/ preview-these- 6-christma\
s-themed-unit- downloads- and-printables- picture

<http://www.examiner .com/homeschooli ng-in-denver/ preview-these- 6-christm\
as-themed-unit- downloads- and-printables- picture

To download, go to:
http://christianhom eschoolhub. available- downloads. htm
<http://christianhom eschoolhub. available- downloads. htm>
(This site offers unlimited downloads for a $1 a year admin fee - That's
pretty close to FREE!)