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    My son is supposed to start 8th grade this year (well actually tomorrow) and he is so stressed worried full of anxiety which is normal for someone starting a new school year. This year is different he was diagnosed with something called Vitiligo , which causes the pigment in your skin to leave, and of course it happened on his face. He is a very shy and timid boy and very very smart he was always top of his classes and everything this year though he is not wanting to do this and it is heart breaking. This disorder started at the end of last year and some boy in his English class was making fun of him and hit him. I told the principal and of course it was this child does not do those things. Well neither does my son and he was the one hit and bullied with no result or satisfaction to both of us of what should be done. Now since summer has ended he has an more uneven tan on his face then when he left last year. Either way I do not want my son bullied or cause to be upset because of something he can't help or do anything about. My questions are and there a quite a few:

    1. How do you decide the Curriculum that your child should do? I know I have to write a letter of Intent to NYS education while I am doing all that does my son have to go to school being that school is starting tomorrow I will send him but does he keep on going after I start that.

    2. Being that he is already in 8th grade I am trying to figure out what I can do as far as PE?

    3. What books and supplies should I get for him?

    4. What testing does he need to do and I read that he can go to the school and take some testing is that what normally people do to test their children?

    5. I looked and asked around so far there isn't a group in my area for people home schooling where I live people send there kids to private school a luxury I can't afford.

    6. I know that from my other 2 children one who is in college and one in High school that they teach like cooking, computers, typing, things like that for the extra classes is this something I can do at home for him too?

    7. I am not sure even where to start with all this my son is begging me to look and see if this is something he can do I want to at least see my options.

    8. If you could just tell me where to start, I keep thinking there is some online classes he can take but I don't know that if that is something I can do either. I just need some advice and direction for my son I would love to watch him become what I know he can and not just a ball of nerves that is scared of being hurt someplace where I am sending him. That is not what school is about and that is not what I will allow to happen to him.

    Thank you in advance for you help sorry for any typos I am typing quickly

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    I am so sorry your son is going through this. Have you thought about using makeup to even out his skin tones? I know probably a bad idea but it was the first thing I thought of.

    No, you do not have to send him to school today. (Although you probably already have.) New York law says, "Parents who determine to commence home instruction after the start of the school year, or who establish residence in the school district after the start of the school year, shall provide written notice of their intention to educate their child at home within 14 days following the commencement of home instruction within the school district." So you can keep him home tomorrow and send in your notice of intent.

    This link has a copy of the New York law so you can follow the steps that you need to follow to homeschool him. She also has links to some of the paperwork you will need to fill out. She also mentions testing requirements. If your school allows you to test with them you can or you can use an independent testing resource.

    What books and supplies you need will depend on the curriculum you chose. I have used time4learning with my son since he was in preK. We love it. The eighth grade program does not include social studies or science so you would have to substitute other material for them. Or you could sign him up for the brand new time4learning high school program. He could take eighth grade math and language arts and ninth grade science and social studies. The are so many other curriculums out there. Some are full school at home programs. Others are correspondence schools. With some of the correspondence schools you even get a high school diploma.

    Many of your questions could be answered by a good local support group. There are groups throughout the state. Where do you live? That would help you locate others in your area. Go to your local library and have a long talk with the children's librarian. They are usually a great help. This link lists several resources within the state. The tri-county homeschool group is great. It has a small registration fee but that includes a wonderful monthly newsletter.

    Please let us know what else we can help with. I know I missed some of your questions. But we want to help in any way we can.
    Kathi Homeschooling Mama to Twelve year old Dakota

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