Homework Nightmares
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    Unhappy Homework Nightmares

    Anyone have a child who takes hours to get through homework, forgets what was just read, and reverses letters like b's and d's?

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    Sounds like maybe it's a boy (could be a girl) under the age of 8. Am I right? Young kids tend to have a short attention span. This is not uncommon. I would spend time reading with him/her. Read a book that will interest them. At this age, it's usually books about animals. And stop every few sentences to ask questions about what you just read, or ask them what they think is going to happen next.

    It's definitely not uncommon to reverse b's and d's if your child is under the age of 8. I would focus on one letter at a time, teaching them to form the letter differently. The b starts with the stick first and then the circle. Be consistent on having them practice and even over-practice before moving on to the letter d, which is formed by doing the circle first and then the stick.
    If they are older, though, you may want to do some research on the possibility of the child having dyslexia. A Time4Learning mom wrote a book on the topic of Dyslexia, and you can get it free from this link: https://www.time4learning.com/learning-dyslexia.shtml

    I found some neat tricks on Pinterest to help with the b-d issue.

    I hope that's helpful.
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