Iím in NYC and Iím completely lost on how to get started
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    Default Iím in NYC and Iím completely lost on how to get started

    So it is almost 4AM and I havenít been able to close my eyes. My daughter has what appeared to be an anxiety break down at about 2am, she couldnít breath and was feeling nauseous and then broke down in tears and told me she is stressed ( sheís 11 years old). My daughter has a history of always being bullied in school since elementary. Sheís been physically shoved into a classroom closet and kicked repeatedly by other students, called all types of names, some too harsh to even mention here. All this has caused an image problem for my daughter, she always says how much she hates herself, that she is ugly. My child is very artistically talented and is viewed as a ďweirdoĒ by her peers.

    sheís been begging me to homeschool her and honestly I feel itís whatís best for my child but I am completely lost and donít have any knowdlege as to where or how to get started. Can anyone please help me get started? Iím really concern for my childís safety, the way things are going nowadays, Iím afraid my child ends up like the so many kids who take their lives away. My child hasnít shown any suicidal signs but you just never know. Please help!

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    Default Re: Iím in NYC and Iím completely lost on how to get started

    I'm so sorry you're going through this. I'm not in New York, but here are some resources Time4Learning has prepared that might help you. Unfortunately, New York has THE most regulated homeschool laws (each state has its own homeschool laws and they are all very different). I'll suggest starting by accessing the New York state Department of Education website and learning your state's homeschool laws. Be sure you are looking at homeschool laws and not school laws. The link to the Dept. of Ed website is in the first link, below.

    Homeschooling in New York

    Homeschooling in New York City

    Maintaining a Homeschool Portfolio

    The "Accidental" Homeschooler

    Welcome to Homeschooling Guide

    This should get you started until a New York resident comes along to share their experience.

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