I have a few questions about starting homeschooling for the next school year
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    Default I have a few questions about starting homeschooling for the next school year

    Hi! I'm getting so confused again! So my daughter is 5 and will be going into 1st grade. I've been looking at all of the legal requirements and I'm just getting even more confused. I think what's really tripping me up is the schedule. What is a typical schedule like for a 1st grader or around there? It seems to me like it would be 5 hours a day from what I'm reading. I really just don't know what I'm supposed to be doing and when. I don't know what a typical schedule is like. I have other friends who homeschool and do it only 3 days out of the week and then make frequent trips part of the curriculum. Frequent trips to the park for phys ed and things like that. How do you keep track of the time and what is the schedule usually like?

    My daughter has already finished kindergarten with time4learning and she's currently also doing KaplanKids online to kind of get some of the areas she didn't really get with time4learning - although I prefer time4learning and it actually holds her attention. I just don't really know where to start past sending a letter of intent haha! It's pathetic. TIA!

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    You are supposed to have 900 hours of instruction for the school year. But you don't really have to break down how you spend those hours. Instruction includes things like setting the table for dinner, reading bedtime stories, watching educational tv, going to parks, museums, etc. As long as you feel comfortable in saying your child is spending 5 hours per day learning, that's all you need to document. I would say the average kindergartener spends approximately 30 minutes per day of actual sit down and focus on curriculum time. The rest of the time is spent in creative play and other learning opportunities. It's basically a matter of how you write things up for your quarterly reports. When it comes time to write your reports, sit down with some of your friends and let them help you through this. It's not as hard as it seems. But it can be mindboggling to a newcomer.
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