I got this in my email today and thought it was too good not to pass along. Enjoy.

Bats - Flying mammals often surrounded by mystery and myth. For years,
bats have been demonized by horror movies and Halloween but the truth
remains; Bats are important, beneficial animals.

This Bat unit (Preview Bats!
<http://www.examiner .com/homeschooli ng-in-denver/ preview-bat- unit-downlo\
> ) has been designed to be used for any study of bats, small
or large. Within the unit, you'll find:

* `Batty' question to get your student thinking about these
wonderful creatures of the night
* 2 KWL pages (What I Know, What I Want to learn, What I've
* Resource list page
* Megabats vs Microbats page
* Venn diagram page
* Note cards
* Types of Bats page
* Classification page
* Multiple pages that can be used to use for research papers and/or
notebooking projects
* Parts of a bat labeling page
* Acrostic bat poetry pages
* Bat Myths page
* Where in the world? Pages with maps
* Multiple lapbooking templates
* Colorful bat photos to use with the unit
Preview Bats!
<http://www.examiner .com/homeschooli ng-in-denver/ preview-bat- unit-downlo\
> Ready to download Bats? Go to: Available Downloads
<http://christianhom eschoolhub. spruz.com/ available- downloads. htm> . (You
find it under the heading Holiday and Seasonal Related.)
Here are several 'Bat' books you may want to use during a unit on bats:

* Stokes beginner's guide to bats / Kim Williams, Rob Mies ; with
Donald and Lillian Stokes
* Amazing bats / Seymour Simon
* Bats! : strange and wonderful / by Laurence Pringle ; illustrated
by Meryl Henderson
* How bats "see" in the dark / Malcolm Penn
* Outside and inside bats / by Sandra Markle
* Bats / Annalise Bekkering
* Bats / by Sophie Lockwood
* Bats / Phil Richardson

For online resources, go to: http://www.batconse rvation.org/
<http://www.batconse rvation.org/>