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    MichelleM3591 Guest

    Default Letter of intent response

    Hello everyone. I sent my letter of intent certified mail. It showed on the tracker that it had been received on June 25th. How long does it take for a response? I haven't received anything yet in the mail. I'm not sure if it's because of the weekends and holiday that passed that would maybe delay it. Maybe I'm just being paranoid and not giving it enough time lol.

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    mlennan Guest

    Default Same issue

    I'm in the same boat. sent my LOI 2.5 wks ago and have heard nothing back. If you get yours can you let me know how long it took?

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    i got the IHIP about a week after i mailed to local superintendent so probably held up due to holidays n weekends.plus closer to school starting they r probably busy.

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