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    Hi there! My name is Angel and I've been a Math tutor for 10+ years. I'm interested in providing services to the homeschooling community. Can anyone advise me whether there is a need for this and if so how to go about finding homeschoolers? I can teach any Grade of Math and use any curriculum. I'm also open to teaching individually and groups. Any advice would be great!

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    I know personally that math can be the "less fun" or tiring subject when you're homeschooling. I try to make it as fun as possible but sometimes math is the most draining subject for me. With that said, more home schoolers would just need to know about you and be able to afford you. Maybe you could post Craigslist ads on the regular and promote your work via social media, (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, etc.). Let parents know where you're willing to come, whether you can meet up with them at the library, their homes, etc. Are you in the NYC area? I hope that it goes well for you! -Lady

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