My son is having problems with Algebra 1 and do not know what to do!!!
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    Smile My son is having problems with Algebra 1 and do not know what to do!!!

    My son is having so many problems with Algebra and unfortunately I am terrible with math and cannot help him. He took Algebra 1 in public school but it was common core math so when we started homeschooling and he went on to Algebra 2 he was totally lost so I put him back in Algebra 1 and he is still lost. Does anyone have any suggestions for me on what I can do? Thank you.

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    I'm so sorry your son is having problems in Algebra I. I have two suggestions for you. The first would be to check on the high school forum. Maybe those parents have a suggestion that will help make a break through for him. The second, is to possibly back him up to 8th grade math, then go to the Practice chapter, and choose the lessons he seems to have the most trouble with and practice them, then move on up. Hope this helps!
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    Default Saxon Algebra I

    Hello! I had the same problem with my daughter who completed algebra in school, but had trouble with Algebra II once we started homeschooling. I switched her to Saxon Algebra I and Saxon Geometry (she's doing both), and she has rarely had any problems figuring out the answers since. The Saxon books are amazing, and they explaing everything step by step so that your son should have no problem understanding most of the problems. You can get the books used on Amazon for not too much, and I suggest to get the answer booklets with it too.

    I should say one more thing: I saw a video by a university professor who was homeschooling his 6 children. He was actually friends with Dr. Saxon, the mathematician who wrote the Saxon textbooks. He said he never helps his children with math. Once children get past the basic arthmetic phase, they can learn everything on their own as long as they have good guide books. The professor (I can't remember his name now) said that if you help children with their math, you are robbing them of the very thing that learning math is supposed to teach: not rote learning, but learning HOW to figure out the problems. After hearing the professor say this, I told my daughter I won't be helping her with her math anymore. She complained a few times, but now she doesn't ask for help in math anymore, and has had very few times when she was stuck.

    I do correct her work, and I insist she read all the examples and do the pre-exercises, show all her work, and make sure everything is labled and organized. These are vital to a good understanding of math, as keeping things organized helps the brain process information much more smoothly.

    Hope this helps!

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