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    Question Need some help...

    I started homeschooling my 9 year old son this past November after after doing public school for him since kindergarten. He has a social anxiety that interfered terribly with his academics. We finally decided to pull him after realizing he was falling farther and farther behind and that it really was not the schools responsibility to catch him up. So long story short, we began PACES, through Accelerated Christian Education. He tested in early 1st grade level, so that's where we began. I notified my school district by note, though have not followed through with IEP. We finished 1st grade few weeks ago, and I just bumped him back up to 3rd grade. Felt he progressed nicely that we could give it a shot, seeing I really would like to get him back into school this September. I'm concerned about how to best prepare him for the 3rd grade state test. He is just beginning third grade literally this past week. Any advise?

    Thank you for any input. Greatly appreciate it.

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    I would use the alternative method of providing a written narrative of his work and evaluation rather than a test for this year. Then you would have another entire year before you have to worry about a test. But that's just my opinion. I wonder why you decided to skip second grade. Was he doing so well in the first grade work that you thought he didn't need second grade. This confuses me a bit. Also, have you followed through with the IHIP and quarterly reports. If not you have bigger issues to worry about than the third grade test.
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