New to Homeschooling...Need Guidance in Westchester/Putnam area!!
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    Default New to Homeschooling...Need Guidance in Westchester/Putnam area!!

    I'm about to type up my IHIP for my 10th grader. So overwhelmed about what to include from T4L curriculum so they accept it. I get the four core courses but what must we do for PE ,music,art that would be acceptable? And electives I will use T4L. Oh and the arson, tobacco, citizen stuff..what do I have to teach so its acceptable?

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    I'm not from New York, so I'm not sure what you need to fulfill the obligations for NY, but we us horseback riding for PE now, used Taekwondo in the past. We allow piano lessons and practice for music, also the concert choir that my daughter belongs to is considered a music class. Friends of mine use a music appreciation course for their music course. You could also consider just doing a survey course that you make up of composers from various periods, their music, and a bit of history surrounding their period, along with the specific music thing that defined their style, or period, for example Baroque music. We don't have to do the tobacco, arson, citizenship stuff, but you might be able to pull from the T4L health course for some of that. Hope this helps, and maybe someone from NY will answer and help you fill in the blank spaces!
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