new to homeschooling. Needing help plan a curriculum...
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    Default new to homeschooling. Needing help plan a curriculum...

    Hi!! My daughter is 5. We are in the Arlington School district. We will be repeating Kindergarten and hopefully starting grade 1 as well. I am looking to find out what needs to be taught by law in these grades? I have read the NYS rules page and also asked the school district, but have felt all answers have been very broad. Any help would be great!! TIA

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    Hi. I'm not in New York, but does this summary of the subjects New York requires help?

    (grades K through 12): patriotism and citizenship, health education regardingalcohol, drug and tobacco misuse, traffic safety (including bicycle safety), firesafety; (grades 1 through 6): arithmetic, reading, spelling, writing, English,geography, United States history, science, health, music, visual arts, and physicaleducation; (grades 7 and 8): English (two credits), history and geography (twocredits), science (two credits), mathematics (two credits), physical education(regular basis), health (regular basis), art (half credit), music (half credit),practical arts (regular basis), and library skills (regular basis); (at least once infirst 8 grades): United States and New York history and constitutions; (grades 9through 12): 4 credits English, 4 credits of social studies—including Americanhistory (1 credit), participation in government (0.5 credit), and economics (0.5credit)—2 credits of math, 2 credits of science, 1 credit of art or music, 0.5 creditof health, 2 credits of physical education, and 3 credits of electives..

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