New to homeschooling in Westchester county - think I just overwhelmed myself!
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    Default New to homeschooling in Westchester county - think I just overwhelmed myself!

    My daughter will be starting 1st grade in the 2012 school year. She has been doing t4l since Pre-K though. She's just about done with Kindergarten. I have no idea what she's supposed to be learning once she starts 1st grade or what some of the requirements even mean. I need something like homeschool for dummies. I have no idea where to find anything right now. And what should I do once she finishes Kindergarten with t4l? I had her do Pre-K twice, but I don't know if that's a great idea with Kindergarten because she gets bored so easily. Her scores are good, I just have absolutely no idea what to do and how to start officially homeschooling her when the time comes. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Like where can I find the guidelines? Is t4l a pretty complete curriculum by NYS guidelines? Thank you! Sorry I'm all confused all of a sudden

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    First take a few deep breaths. Pour yourself a nice cuppa and relax. You will find a great review of New York laws here. You need to file your Notice of Intent by the middle of July. After that the school district is supposed to send you the paperwork for the IHIP. Often times they don't send it. You can find the forms online. Time4Learning covers the basics of what New York law requires. You could add in spelling and even get handwriting lists from our sister site, Spelling City. About the only other things you might want to add would be physical education and maybe geography. We found a yahoo group that exchanged postcards. I think it was called Postcard Kids. It was a great way to learn geography. You exchange postcards with kids from all over. We collected them in a notebook. It was great.

    It's really not as hard to meet New York's requirements as it seems. The paperwork appears overwhelming but it's pretty easy once you get the hang of it.
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