New & need help with NY 8th grade math curriculum.
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    Default New & need help with NY 8th grade math curriculum.

    Hi everyone,

    I just started homeschooling my now 8th grader who was previously in public school. I'm having a hard time figuring out which T4L math curriculum to use. Which T4L math curriculum is comparable to NY's 8th grade common core math? 7th or 8th? To me it seems like the common core is between the 2 on T4L. (Or I could just be a little overwhelmed & unsure of myself at the moment) I may be doing this for one year & sending her to high school next year. So I just want to make sure she is learning what is needed for entering H.S.

    Thanks so very much in advance.

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    I don't live in NY, so I'm not sure I can help you but I see that you have posted several posts and gotten no responses. I really can't tell you which math is the correct one to correlate to the NY CC math. T4L is correlated with state standards, though it has not changed to accommodate CC. If your daughter is in 8th, let her try the 8th grade math. If it is easy and she finishes early, maybe let her try the PreAlgebra. If it is too hard, drop back to the 7th grade math. I'm not sure how to answer some of your questions because I think homeschooling is about adapting the curriculum to fit the child, not to adapt the child to the curriculum. That is not a judgement on you at all! My daughter has been homeschooled since the middle of 1st grade, is currently in 9th, and I don't see her participating in traditional education until she goes to college. I just don't know how people who are intending to go back to traditional school juggle meeting the student's needs and anticipate needs of returning to school. My main advice about homeschooling is observe how your child responds to homeschooling, allow for some decompression time if she has been in traditional schooling for a while. Sometimes it takes a while to fit into the new way of learning that homeschool presents. If it really works for your daughter, consider homeschooling through high school. If you want to read more about homeschooling high school check out the website Let's Homeschool High School ( for more information. Best of luck!
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    I have my 7th grader taking 7th grade math. I'd suggest putting your 8th grader in 8th grade math. Even if it's not a "perfect fit" it should still be good enough. Math lessons tend to start with review of last year's material and then move forward. The "review" turns into "new material" if the child was a little bit "behind" the year before, or they have a longer "review period" if they're a little bit ahead of their peers. It doesn't HAVE TO be so exact.

    If in doubt, I'd push her a little bit ahead. It's easier to do extra math when homeschooling than it is to have to stay for extra help when she's already in school all day.
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