New to Time 4 learning!
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    Red face New to Time 4 learning!

    Hello , just wanted to meet people from here and learn more about time 4 learning. I have 2 kids using it this year for the first time due to over cost of home schools online that we are use to using. So this is a bit of change for us and being in NY nothing is easy here especially a school district that refuses IHIP letters and letters of intent cause they expect you to actually register your child for school as if they are attending which is not what you are required to do by law. As to what my lawyer says in home schooling, but anyway I'd like to meet people who home school and my kids would love to meet kids. So if there is anyone in the state of NY could we find a way to make contact with one another.
    Thank you ..!

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    Hello this my first thread I also live in NY and i'm thinking of homeschooling next year i'm gathering up all my info, i'm having a hard time finding a local group but atleast we can connect here. I can't believe that they won't accept your reports or your letter of intent thats crazy! I have a 7 year old Daughter and this has been the hardest year for her, she has been very stressed i'm just counting the weeks until summer...

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