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    Default New York State Homeschooling Resources

    The following are NYS Homeschooling groups that you as a NYS homeschooler may take advantage of. I will be adding more names as I receive permission from the homeschool group leaders.

    /mc/[email protected]

    NYS Loving Education At Home (LEAH)
    P.O. Box 438, Fayetteville, NY 13066-0438
    Phone/Fax: (315) 637-4525
    Email: [email protected]
    LEAH has over 150 chapters and 3700 families.

    Albany Area Homeschoolers
    36 Pershing Drive, Scotia, NY 12302
    Phone: (518) 346-3413

    All-Inclusive Homeschoolers
    52 Swan Street, Salamanca, NY 14779
    Contact: Gail M. Gilman
    Email: [email protected]
    All homeschoolers welcome! Monthly events, trips, get togethers, email list, and more. Homeschool Bowling League! Many Activities. Group classes at the Olean Area YMCA. From NW PA to all of western NY.

    Central NY Home-Schooling E-Network (CNYHSEN)
    Serving Syracuse, Rome, Utica and surrounding communities of Central New York
    Email: [email protected]
    A support group and networking forum designed to share information, news, ideas and events relevant to home schoolers in the Central New York region.

    Discovery, Resources, Education, Activities and More (DREAM)
    Based in Nassau County, NY
    Email: [email protected]
    We are a secular, inclusive homeschooling support group, providing opportunities to network with other local homeschooling families, share resources, plan activities, and just generally discuss the nitty-gritty details of homeschooling.

    Exploring Nature Educational Resource Field Trips
    P.O. Box 84, Elizabethtown, NY 12932
    Contact: Sheri Amsel
    Phone: (518) 962-4977
    Email: [email protected]
    Science field trips to Nature Trail in Essex, NY. For grades 3–6, includes walk on the nature trail to learn about life cycles, food webs, tree names, animal signs, survival tricks, camouflage, adaptations and more. Animal tracking, predator–prey, scavenger games and learn to draw animals. Offered free with funding by Eddy Foundation and Exploring Nature Educational Resource.

    Go & Learn HomeSchool
    Based in NY
    Contact: Michelle Derival
    Email: [email protected]
    We serve as a nationwide group, based in New York. Happenings and doings such as trips, events, outings, classes, and adventures are our only subject matters. Read more...

    HIM Ministry
    7912 Thompson Rd., Cicero, NY 13039
    Contact: Penni Boucher
    Phone: (315) 699-4140 or (315) 455-8116
    Email: [email protected]
    Our group meets at Believer' Chapel throughout the school year for a monthly science and literature-based preschool program and a K-12 program of art, gym and literature, nutrition, sign language and manners, or any other classes our gifted parents like to teach. There are also various functions, fieldtrips, and opportunities to raise funds for worthy causes. Read more...

    Home Education Exchange of the Southern Tier
    Based in Binghamton, NY
    Contact: Jody Pudsey
    Email: [email protected]
    A nonsectarian activity and support group for homeschoolers
    and those exploring educational alternatives. We respect each child's
    interest, learning style, and rate of progress and strive to preserve and promote the joy of learning.

    Long Island Family Teachers United in Prayer (L.I.F.T. U.P.)
    753 Greenlawn Ave., Islip Terrace, NY 11752-1701
    Contact: Ralph and Pam Cipriano
    Phone: (516) 277-6646
    Newsletter, parent meetings, children's activities, original printed materials

    Long Islanders Growing at Home Together (LIGHT)
    Serving Queens & Long Island
    Email: [email protected]
    LIGHT is a secular grassroots non-profit organization directed by member consensus. The purpose of this organization is to offer information, organize activities for members by members (and their children and families), hold meetings, and help members to introduce themselves to one another.

    New York City Home Educators Alliance
    Serving New York City
    Contact: Hillary Heidelberg
    Phone: (212) 505-9884
    Email: hi[email protected]
    NYCHEA is a volunteer-run organization for homeschooling families in New York City. We sponsore get-togethers, classes, sports activities and picnics.

    North of Buffalo Homeschoolers' Association (NOBHA)
    6077 Exchange St, Newfane, NY 14108
    Contact: Angela Gelyon
    Email: [email protected]

    NY State Home Education News
    P.O. Box 59, E. Chatham, NY 12060
    Phone: (518) 392-6900

    Orange County Homeschoolers
    Based in Orange County, NY
    Email: [email protected]
    An inclusive support group offering social outings and community-based education opportunities for homeschooling families in and around Orange County, NY.

    Rochester Area Homeschoolers Association
    72 Maple Park Heights, Rochester NY 14625
    Phone: (585) 234-0298

    Rome Area Inclusive Homeschool Network (RAIHN)
    Serving Rome, NY and surrounding areas
    Contact: Julie Dutt
    Phone: (315) 533-0824
    Email: [email protected]
    We are a new, inclusive, open-minded homeschool group, getting together for positive socialization, educational enrichment, encouragement and inspiration. We encourage all members to participate in and contribute to the group by planning and organizing activities.

    School Choice Party
    P.O. Box 150013, Brooklyn, NY 11215-0013
    Contact: Gary Popkin
    Phone/Fax: (718) 783-0592
    Email: [email protected]
    The School Choice Party is a political party in New York State dedicated to the idea that parents, not government bureaucrats, should choose a child's school.

    Staten Island Christian Home Educators (SICHE)
    .O. Box 140575, Staten Island, NY 10314
    SICHE meets monthly on the 1st Monday of the month between September and June at Bethel Evangelical Free Church, 4550 Amboy Road. We are members of LEAH, and have provided support for the born-again Christian homeschooling family for over 20 years. Field trips, spelling bees, oral presentatins, co-ops, Mom's night out, and more.

    Suffolk County Homeschoolers
    Serving Long Island
    Email: [email protected]
    Suffolk County Homeschoolers offers a wide range of fun and educational activities for children of all ages. This is a secular, inclusive group. Membership is free.

    The Montfort Academy
    99 Valley Road, Katonah, NY 10536
    Contact: Thaddeus Julian Kozinski
    Phone: (914) 767-0325
    Fax: (914) 767-0735
    Email: [email protected]
    A new Catholic high-school for boys specializing in a rigorous, traditional curriculum of the Classics and the Great Books.

    The Uhuru Homeschool Hut
    3603 Boston Road, Bronx, NY 10469
    Contact: Uhuru Mamas
    Phone: (212) NY-MOM-01
    Email: [email protected]
    The Hut implements a holistic and balanced African and Multicultural curriculum. We usually meet twice each week and focus on subjects that include academics and the arts, such as science, history, Kuumba African drumming, woodworking, theater, character development, conflict resolution, and more. We also go on educational field trips at least twice each month.

    Tri-County Homeschoolers' Newsletter is a great place for information not only about New Jersey, but about New York and Connecticut as well. The email group is accessible only to members but to get information about the group you can contact: ... =261010742

    The Learning Community of Bergen and Rockland Counties is a group for homeschooling attachment parents in Bergen County, New Jersey and Rockland County, New York. You can contact the group at:
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    Liz has offered us these names of local homeschool groups. Perhaps some of them are close to you.

    Local Homeschooling Groups


    This is a fairly large group that includes secular and religious homeschoolers. They communicate through Yahoo Groups to answer member questions about homeschooling and make plans for field trips.

    Buffalo Area Homeschool

    This is another large diverse group through Yahoo Groups.

    New York Home Educators Network

    This is a statewide group with good e-mail lists and legal information.

    Buffalo Homeschoolers for Jesus

    This is a much smaller group, and while it is mainly religious homeschoolers, the meeting are not necessarily all religious in focus.
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    Default need your help

    HI my name is christina *****and I m listed as one of the contact for Staten Island Christian home educators. I'm not sure how you got my contact info but I'm sorry there must have been a misunderstanding because I never gave permission to have my info on the internet. Debbie **** also never gave permission. We have gotten many calls. If you don't mind could you just take our info off. We would greatly appreciate it! if people want to contact us they can look on this website.

    Thank you in advance,
    Christina ***
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    Christina, I do not know how we got your information as contact. This list was compiled back in 2009. I will remove you from contact here. Thanks for notifying us.
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