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    Default Please I need advise

    I am very anti public schools. I have a granddaughter we home schooled 1st grade. We didn't put her in kindergarten either. I went to school starting 1st grade and my generation did well in school. I can't see putting kids in school at age 3 (my opinion). Anyway come second grade we had to put her in public school. We knew she would be behind a little but no big deal she would catch up. The problem is that we put this child in school that was so full of love and now she is being bullied and fighting back. Throwing tantrums and things we never seen her do. She changed from this loving child into a whiner and throwing fits. The language some of the kids use is amazing to me that no teacher does anything about it. The kids tease and so on. I know that went on when I was a kid too but my heart breaks for my 7 yr old granddaughter. She is learning bad things and is frustrated with the school. I want to home school her and her mother don't care as long as I do the schooling. What I am looking for is SUPPORT in the area and advise. Please help. I want her to have a good Christian education.

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    Bullying is becoming a bigger and bigger problem every day. As long as her mother is okay with homeschooling I would keep her home. You can't keep letting her be bullied. My daughter pulled my grandchildren out of school for this very reason.

    Time4learning is not a Christian based curriculum. But it is a really good program. You could add in some Bible studies or things like that if you want to. Also there are a lot of Christian based coops around. Maybe you can find one of them. Take care of that precious little one.
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