Hi All You New York Homeschoolers!
How's it going so far? Many of you have just gotten started so that may be a difficult question to answer. As for myself, we will start in a couple of weeks, first we have to finish putting up our fruit.
I have found in my homeschooling that the more I tried to schedule my day the more frustrated I got, especially if I felt like a failure if one thing got out of order. Having said that, I realize that we can go too far the other way, which is the problem I am seeking to remedy this year. My plan is to co-op with a fellow homeschooling family. The Mom is much more organized and scheduled than I am as well as being a certified teacher. It is my hope that we can work out a balanced schedule for our children to "do school" yet remain flexible.
Flexibility is an important "skill" to master when homeschooling. If you are new to homeschooling, you'll find that trying to "do school" the same as say a public school or a private school would is nigh unto impossible, not to mention frustrating for you and your kids. The key is to remain flexible, yet scheduled enough to help your kids get through as much of the year's curriculum as possible.
Hey, if there are other "seasoned" homeschoolers reading this, I'd like to hear how you schedule your days. There's lots of us who could use your advice!
By way of a curriculum recommendation, here's one we have used and found very helpful. The resources found at this site can function as core or supplementary curriculum. http://www.CriticalThinking.com
Happy Homeschooling in New York!