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    Hello I have a 10 year old who is currently on the 5th grade level of course work. I also have a year old daughter who is, of course, just learning everything. I found you all after trial and error with a few other types of curriculums. We used to be in NJ where we freely unschooled, but since being in NY we have had to change to accommodate their testing and curriculum statutes. He just took his first test last month. I chose Seton testing's CAT.

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    Hi. It's so nice to meet you. I also have a ten year old. We got behind two years ago so he is only doing fourth grade work. We have used Time4Learning since preK. Please let us know if you have any questions.
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    Hi I'm new to home schooling - my 8y.o. is between grades 2nd and third (reading is 5th grade) so found T4L to be a great option for us. So far we're enjoying home-school.

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    hello newbies! we just joined t4l and we've been homeschooling, this is our 3rd year and I'm homeschooling my 3 DD's who are now very far behind and standardized tests are looming over our heads. they must take them this year. they were previously in public school and it took quite some time for them to unwind and get accustom to homeschooling. i did ask them if they wanted to be homeschooled before pulling them out. they all agreed we also have a 31/2 yr old so life is pretty busy and over the last year they have become bored and incredibly lazy so here we are at T4L. they all are obsessed with electronics and T4L looks like it can really hold my kids interest, so far this is the only site they've shown any interest in at all and we've tried many. I love that here at T4L you can do different grade levels for different subject matter, a fantastic option for homeschoolers, i just signed up today and i cannot wait for my kids to dive in....

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