Unsure of testing laws?
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    Default Unsure of testing laws?

    Hi Im new to hs'ing Ive read over the hslda site and understand it but i have a 1st grader that im starting and im not sure what to do about testing? I dont have to do any testing yet right? Like end of the year testing? And do i have to do weekly tests or periodically test and show those grades and what kinds of things am i supposed to report and how do you report everything? do you just print out something or do they send you a form to fill out for quarterly reports?

    and also since im starting mid year how many hours am i supposed to do?

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    Testing is not required for a first grader. You can use the written evaluation instead of testing. "(i) for grades one through three, a written narrative prepared by a person specified in subparagraph (iii) of this paragraph;
    (iii) for the purposes of this paragraph, the person who prepares the written narrative shall be a New York State-certified teacher, a home instruction peer group review panel, or other person, who has interviewed the child and reviewed a portfolio of the child's work. Such person shall certify either that the child has made adequate academic progress or that the child has failed to make adequate progress. In the event that such child has failed to make adequate progress, the home instruction program shall be placed on probation pursuant to subdivision (i) of this section. The certified teacher, peer review panel or other person shall be chosen by the parent with the consent of the superintendent. Any resulting cost shall be borne by the parent."

    You can find a detailed list of what needs to be included in the quarterly report at the A to Z website. Just follow what it says in paragraph G. As far as how many hours you need to do, I would look at your school year. If school started in September, you have completed five months of the school year. February through May would be another four months. You are required to show 900 hours per year. So you would need about 400 hours for the rest of the year. Of course if your school year started in August or goes through June you would adjust those numbers accordingly.

    You are not required to show any grades for weekly testing or anything like that. If you do a written evaluation, you don't have to show any grades at all.

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