using only t4l for grade 1?
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    Default using only t4l for grade 1?

    I'm considering using t4l to homeschool my daughter. Is this going to be enough? I have read the NY state regulations, and found them very confusing. Does anyone use t4l exclusively to meet NY state standards for 1st grade?

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    I'm late replying but I hope that you see my reply. I use T4L for my 1st grader but I also use flash cards, activity books that helps with math, reading, reasoning, logic, etc., I google specific sheets and print them out, I use Youtube vids to help with certain subjects, (as my 1st grader is more of the visual and hands on type of learner), there are also a few learning sites that has learning games for our kids to play and learn at the same time for free. I use T4L because I appreciate the methods and curriculum/scheduling that they have lined up for our children, the record keeping, and the interaction as well. As far as it being enough you can answer that by making sure that you teach the things requested by the Office of Homeschooling, (or the state). Cover math, English, reading, science, health education, physical education, etc. and document it in the event that anyone request to see how you're teaching your child. (We use "Just Dance for Kids", online dance tutorials, my dancing experience, sports that their father and I played/have experience in, running, and park time for physical ed credit). Best wishes!

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