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    Hello, this is my first year homeschooling. My son is in the 8th grade and I just had to pull him out of public school as he struggled really bad in reading. We live here in Charlotte NC. I have been using T4L since September 2011 and it seems to be helping but I am afraid he is not getting eveything he needs with just this program and some other things I pull off of the web. I work full time and rush home everyday to homeschool him although he does complete some work thoughout the day while he is with my mom. Sometimes I am not sure if he has completed the assignment or what as this program just keeps giving him assignments, there is not a certain numkber of lesson in a day (if that makes sense?). Im also not sure if he has done enough work for the day as when we are logged in we are on there for about 5-6 hours so its pretty late at night when we are done. Like I said I am fairly new to homeschooling and to be honest I am not really sure that I know what I am doing, i am very scared that I am setting my son up for failure.

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    It is normal to feel a lot of apprehension when you start homeschooling. You might want to join this forum: Charlotte Homeschooling - Connect with area Charlotte NC homeschoolers to get some local support. 5-6 hours is a long time to spend for one day of homeschooling. I don't want you to burn yourselves out. I have not used the 8th grade level of T4L so I am not sure about giving specific advice on it, maybe someone else can do that. It sounds to me like you are giving your son his best chance at success!

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    We did the T4L 8th grade course and my son scored well on his end of the year tests. We supplemented with things that interested him like video game design (using the free download of the Unreal engine) and animal science (since he loves animals)

    I think that Karen is right try to find a group close to you that fits your life style. We tried out several before getting in with a great group
    Try not to be too nervous, but i think that if you weren't nervous something would be wrong!! I am extremely nervous when I pulled my boys out of the system (after K and 5th grades). It takes time to get your "homeschool" legs. Sounds like you are doing great!
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