Any fulltime working mom homeschooling as well?
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    Default Any fulltime working mom homeschooling as well?

    Hi, I'm a single mother of 3 growing teenage boys. 17,15 & 13. I'm located in Charlotte, NC. I started homeschooling my 13 year old January of this year and it has been extremly hard because I work a fulltime job.
    I had the help earlier this year because a friend of mines was also homeschooling her 10th grader so she was a huge help to me. However, this year I've had to take on the overwhelming task of doing it all by myself and I have to admit it has been really hard.

    I'm wondering if anyone here is working fulltime job as well as home schooling their child/children?
    If so can you please shed some light as far as your scheduling and balancing it all out?

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    You've posted this on the North Carolina Time4Learning forum. There is a 'working parents' Time4Learning forum where you may be able to find more guidance and even just browse at the other parents' posts.

    I'll also answer your question, though, by saying that I've worked both full time and part-time. It's how I actually found Time4Learning. Once I needed to go back to work, I knew I'd need some accountability for myself as well as for my kids. The progress reports on Time4Learning have been a huge help for me in keeping track of the work being done and the scores for lessons and tests. Of course, it helps that my daughter, who uses T4L, really enjoys the curriculum. And my older ones are pretty self-disciplined in getting their school work done when I've worked outside the home.
    How well do your boys do with that? A few times my son has fallen behind on math. When that has happened, he's not been allowed to go out, play his games or have friends over until the work gets done. Even if he has to work Saturday and Sunday to finish his lessons and get caught up, that's just what takes priority. In elementary grades I'm pretty flexible (with my youngest), but when it comes to high school, I want them to learn discipline and to be sure they're keeping up with their work. This counts toward their gpa and their high school credits.

    It would help to know what your greatest struggle is. Is it scheduling, the boys getting the work done, record-keeping, organization?
    Anyway, I'm sure you'll find lots of answers to your questions at the link for the working parents forum.
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    I work full time as a single mom with 3 boys. 13, 11, 5. Home schooling actually works better for us, since it is on our time instead of set schedules like with public schools. My schedule is constantly changing as I work as a nurse with 8,10,12 hr shifts. We plan school week by week and plan around my schedule. School on a Saturday is not unheard of around here. They do independent work when I am not home and get all the help they need when I get home or on my days off.

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