ok- who out there is having problems with boys and fractions or even girls and fractions?
I can't seem to get my 7th grader to understand these at all! We have been working on them for 2 years
now and even though now he knows the terms and what they mean. BUT HE STILL CAN"T FIGURE OUT THE LEAST COMMON MULTIPLE! Sorry to vent but I mean really I loved math so I can't understand why he can't get at least how to do it!
A little back ground for ya~ he is ADHD and does have a slower learning curve. But you put him in front of
a video game (which it doesn't help my hubby does work for a game co.) and he can remember all the
power levels, codes etc. SO i know that he can do this he just isn't into to it.
I am done now and feel so much better! Thanks and if you need to vent please feel free!