Can I Homeschool for only 2 months?
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    Default Can I Homeschool for only 2 months?

    My family is planning a move to WA state October 1st. The school year there starts September 1st. I would prefer it if my kids didn't have to start school here and then start again in a different school 6 weeks later. Is homeschooling them here for those 6 weeks before the move an option?

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    Umm I am not sure...what WA homeschool laws are BUT when I moved here from IL I homeschooled my oldest for two months until we found a house and got into his permanent school. Of course pulled him back out of the system 1-1/2 later but that's another story. I would say look up the laws for homeschooling in WA to find out what docs you would need. and as long as you have your school records from here you should be golden?? Plus the first 6 weeks are not filled with that much info from what I remember?? OH and you could find the WA school system for your town and get a syllabus of what they are going to be doing as well that way you are right on track with what they are teaching.

    Hope my ramble helps
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