IN DESPERATE NEED OF HELP!!! New mom to all of this homeschool stuff ...PLEASE help
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    Default IN DESPERATE NEED OF HELP!!! New mom to all of this homeschool stuff ...PLEASE help

    Ok, here is my situation. I have 3 kids ages 7, 10 and 12. They have had issues at their old school so I have decided to home school. My oldest has ADD and has a very hard time keeping up with her classes. I had asked a friend that home schools her kids and she gave me the link to a website and I faxed copies of my GED and my letter of intent over 2 weeks ago and have not heard anything back from them. After searching the internet, I found Time 4 Learning. I think that this will be the perfect fit for us. I let the kids try the demos and they seemed to be very happy with the program. I am planning on joining first thing in the morning, if I can get some questions answered.
    First of all......what should my first step be??
    I want to make sure that everything that they do on here will be in their "records"........I am so excited about home schooling them and for them to get the one on one education that they need, but I am feeling very overwhelmed and I dont want to mess up because I dont know where to start. Any help that you can share would be GREATLY appreciated!!

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    Default Hope this helps....

    Call the operators for TimeForLearning....they can answer all your questions and put your mind at ease! I signed my son (2nd grade) up yesterday and he LOVES the program. Everything is simple to use and you have easy access to records for your portfolio. Also you need to call the Department of Non Public Eduacation and see what the hold up is on your certificate as a homeschool...they are very friendly and happy to help you get started as well. I have a son who has attention and concentration difficulties and so far this program has been a life saver! Hope this helped!!

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    Welcome to Time4Learning! I hope you were able to find the answers that you needed, Guest!

    As far as the state goes, you might not hear back from them right away because I believe they are still catching up from some backlogging earlier this school year, but I'd contact them if you don't hear from them soon.

    In regards to getting started with Time4Learning, really just start them at the beginning of their grade level if that will be easiest. Provided they are signed in under their name, all of their records will be maintained electronically...super easy!

    You posted last week (forgive my tardiness in my response) so just wondering if you have signed up and gotten started yet!
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