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    Default EOG done via on-line

    Hi there I was wondering if you know if it is possible to do EOG"S online. We live in NC. I really don't think my child will be able to do it via paper and pen. I have him working hereon Time4Learning. He is doing so well. But I know once I put a paper test in front of him, it will not be good. Are the any sites that fit NC criteria.

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    I don't believe that the EOG are available to homeschoolers here in NC. You are required to have them tested once a year after the age of 7, you can use the CAT, IOWA, Woodcock Johnston just to name a few It really depends on how you want to test, we use the WCJ test it has to be done by a certified administrator but I like that part of it. Its great for my ADHD/visual learner!
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    We do not do EOG's as homeschoolers in NC. The tests used for EOGs are different from those used by homeschoolers. We do test annually (once every 12 months) using a nationally normed standardized test that includes at least grammar, reading, spelling and math.

    I heartily second the recommendation of using the Woodcock Johnson with a visual spatial learner. The person that I use has been great at working with my child whose fine motor skills (writing) lag way behind his knowledge.

    Here is an online version of the CAT that will satisfy our yearly requirements:
    Untitled Document
    This one is $25.

    If you live near either Charlotte, I can point you to a WJ tester or if near Raleigh, a person who can do point you to a WJ tester. In Charlotte, it typically runs about $70 per child.

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