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    Default Fun Holiday ideas

    Hello everyone!

    I thought that I would post some things that we like to do during the holiday season and hopefully you all will do the same. We always try to add something fun and new to this time of year. Especially since now the boys are homeschooled we can make fun whole days out of it.

    Fun crafts that we do include

    * Pomander balls ( smells wonderful and great neighbor gifts)
    * Ginger bread house or this year we are doing the gingerbread train
    * Lowes and home depot always have fun crafts for kids on Saturdays very hands on but make wonderful grandparent gifts ( we have done birdhouses, wooden cars and wagons, squirrel feeders)
    * Dough ornaments
    * paper chains or popcorn/cranberry garland my boys love doing this!

    Hoilday exchanges

    * cookie exchange
    * homemade gift exchange

    Other fun ideas-

    *Sledding (this we did more when we lived else where but we still love it when it snows or we go to the sledding/ski parks by the mountains)
    * Ice skating- our local rink has homeschool days where we get in for a special price
    * Caroling or doing fun crafts with the senior centers
    * helping at the soup kitchens or helping get clothes and bedding for the homeless- there are alot of good community help centers that have things that are safe for the kids to do.
    *Volunteering at the local animal shelter or SPCA (we love going to play with all the animals at our shelter as we are helping out)

    There are so many other things to do at this time of year and really all year long that can teach our kids to help and care for our community and world!

    Please post the things that you do with the holiday season, you might inspire some else to add it to their traditions

    Have a Wonderful Holiday season!
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    We have WAY too many ornaments, so I let the boys pick out different ones each year. Some are traditional ones and some have wonderful stories behind them. I love sharing my life experiences and it really opens the door for many "teachable moments".

    Paige M.

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