Hello, everyone!

I conduct programs at senior facilities that I'd now like to offer the homeschooling community, as I've been urged to do by other parents. One is called 'Time Travelers', which explores various decades of history through a presentation that covers the major events of the period, the presidents that served then, the culture and celebrities of that era, and even its prices and most popular baby names. While dressed in a style akin to the women's fashion of the day, I showcase a display of antiques from that era and, when available, play snippets of its popular music and actual radio broadcasts (i.e., the announcement of the Hindenberg explosion, Roosevelt's fireside chats, King Edward's abdication speech, etc.) Truly an informative and engaging way to 'go in one era and out the other' that's fun for all ages!

Time Traveler eras offered:
  • The Colonial era
  • The Civil War years -1880s
  • 1890-1900
  • 1900-1910
  • 1910-1920
  • 1920-1930
  • 1930-1940
  • 1940-1950
  • 1950-1960
  • 1960-1970

In another program I offer, called C.A.T.S. (Cat Advocacy Traveling Show), guests learn the behavioral traits of our feline friends and how to interpret their body language, as well as trivia relating to cats and how cats benefit us, from the physiological effects of petting a cat to their role as heroes and helpmates. I am seeking a cat shelter with which to partner, to bring one of its cats (obviously of appropriate temperament and outfitted with 'soft claws') to visit with guests while I give the presentation. However, for now, I can bring cat statues and cat books as visual props, instead (which would, admittedly, be a poor substitute for the real deal, but still interesting, nonetheless!)

Other options include presentations on:

  • the history of afternoon tea parties (with hats for guests to borrow and antique tea implements as props);
  • an introduction to Israel or Spain, wearing a dress that is authentic from the country (Israel) or reminiscent of a flamenco dancer (Spain), with souvenirs from that country. Both programs cover the geography of the nation, its culture, major historical events, and famous rulers.

Each of my programs is 1-hour long. Rates for groups within Raleigh for the Time Travelers series are $100; the CATS program: $75; and all others, $85.00. An additional 5-$10 for gas/travel may be charged for groups beyond Raleigh.

Please contact me at 919-954-9745 if interested in scheduling a program for your students. I hope to hear from you and to enrich your classes with what I have to offer soon!

Karen Raines
Senior Play List, Inc.