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    Cool Hello to all

    Hello my ame is Emily.I have a 5th grader and a second grader.I am new to homeschooling if any one could give me pointers I would love to hear form you.Both of my children are girls,my oldest has adhd

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    HI Emily
    well I have two boys 15 and 10 (for about another month) the oldest has ADHD also I can tell you from personal experience find out "how" your girls learn best. Like for the oldest he is a visual learner so most of his lessons, and interests include videos. We are prepping for SAT and we found some vocabulary builder that are done like little funny commercials. Youngest is well..... just an easy going kiddo who loves to learn visual and hands on but also can sit down and do workbooks until I stop him

    Another thing is to take it slow... I didn't and we all were miserable for the first 6 months. Add a program like T4L first then do field trips, or nature walks. Slowly add in other interests that your girls might have like art and music. Or sports. I tend to do a couple of hours with the boys, then they have their online classes (aka T4L) scratch, UdK for oldest, practice instruments, do chores, help make lunch and dinner, play etc.

    The awesome things about home schooling is ALMOST everything can be turned into a lesson. See a strange bug on the sidewalk? Go home and find out what it is..

    I hope that you have lots of great times with your girls and check back with us to let us know how you all are doing.

    Happy Homeschooling!
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