Hello fellow North Carolinians!
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    Default Hello fellow North Carolinians!

    After much deliberation and research, we decided last week to pull our 7 year old son out of public school. Ethan is diagnosed with ADHD, ODD, PDD and childhood bipolar disorder. Consequently, the only communication I ever received from public school was regarding his behavior. Although placed in 2nd grade, Ethan struggled greatly to perform any of the assigned work and was beginning to notice his "difference". Not to mention that the system was going to continue to push him forward, grade by grade, regardless of whether he could do the work. For the sake of his academic career and his confidence, we opened our home school this week.

    I am hoping that t4l will help him feel confident that he can master some basic skills. He seems quite anxious and watches me as though I will be pulling out stacks of worksheets at any moment (worksheets are his nemesis). I do worry about having other kids to socialize with. If there are any other parents in the Greenville area who home school and would like to get together for park days, field trips or picnics, please let me know! My personal email address is [email protected].

    I look forward to this new journey and am grateful for the support found in this forum!

    Jennifer Dyson

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    I am in the Charlotte area so can't help you with local stuff except to tell you to keep looking and asking. Besides homeschool groups or lists, also try the library and mommies groups to find other homeschoolers near you. But I wanted to say that I think your son is going to be so much better off at home that you will find it worth it. I do a lot of workshops for new homeschoolers and those starting for reasons like yours nearly always experience a whole lot of relief and a sense of "I just wish I had done it sooner!"

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