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    Default Hello from Onlsow County

    I am new to T4L. My name is Tanya. I have an 8th grader taking his courses through here. He rushes through his work and finishes in just a couple hours. I am glad to be able to see where he is rushing and the scores that he is getting. He rushed through math and got a 20% on his quiz. I don't know what to do about it. I am trying to prove to his dad that homeschooling is better for him and his brother. His brother is in high school and is taking courses through Penn Foster, I wanted him to earn an accredited diploma. Can the students retake quizzes, assignments and tests through here? I am just trying to give him the best diverse education I can on a shoestring budget, have him do better at home then he did in school, and for him to be happy. I just don't think I am doing it right.

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    I don't mean to bump an old post, but as near as I can tell you didn't really get an answer, and I wouldn't want you to be still frustrated, because I know how nerve racking it can be to be thinking you are doing something wrong that is so important.
    If you haven't figured it out, they can take the quizes as often as you want. The reports actually show an average score, so it is up to you how you want to track that in your records.
    The trick is motivating him to do better, and if he just coming out of a public school enviroment that can be tricky. My son is much younger, but I am starting to count his day by so many quizes or scored activities with a greater than 80%. If he really gets the material and focuses, he can meet his requirement for "school" for the day in about 45 mins. If he messes around and rushes things, it takes a *lot* longer. (he earns tokens for TV shows and dessert based on finishing school and doing chores, so he has solid motivation for finishing).
    Trust me, you have this, you care about how he does, you can't do worse doing that than public schools (ok, so I have issues)
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