Help! How do I get started with this!!?
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    Default Help! How do I get started with this!!?

    Today is my first official day of researching homeschooling. It all seems so overwhelming. Where do I begin? What is the cost? How do I know if my child has completed all requirements for each grade level? Are there end-of-grade tests? I was told that I could buy used books to keep costs down? any ideas????
    Robin in NC

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    Hi Robin~
    It can be overwhelming at first, especially if you are like me and pulled your kids out of public school OK first SLOW down... what are the ages of your kids? If you have more than one you might want to look into joining Time4Learning for them. IT WAS A LIFESAVER FOR ME!! I have two boys 5 years apart so I couldn't teach all their subjects together (we did do history,science and grammar together) SO I signed up for T4L and it was the only thing that kept my sanity that first six months! I would jump from one to the other going over things that we needed to work on! Loved the three levels with this program because my oldest HAD LOTS of gaps in his learning. WE pulled him out just after 5th grade and went back to the third grade in T4L to catch his gaps in learning (there were a lot from us moving from state to state!)

    Any child over 7 has to be tested but check out our North Carolina Homeschooling Information Page and the Guide to Homeschooling to see if they can answer your questions If not come on back and ask away, I will do my best to answer your questions
    My personal blog- Pandahoneybee's Homeschooling Adventure

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