Homeschool dad...Excited and overwhelmed too...Blended education
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    Default Homeschool dad...Excited and overwhelmed too...Blended education

    I am a successful biz owner who offices from home. We are planning on a blended approach for the balance of my son's education. He will be in a local private school for most classes, but cover some of his learning via home-school and e - learning. Is an accredited home-school needed or can I simply use time4learning and report through the private school? Any suggestions for someone just starting down this road?

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    I am also a homeschool dad, glad there are other dads out there doing this. I honestly do not think accreditation is needed, but I have read quite extensively on this stuff and in the end decided that I rather save myself the headache later by ensuring any school my kids do is accredited. What I mean is I have read and found that parents have run into obstacles with proving their child's education to the public schools and in some cases colleges. So all of my kids courses are all accredited so I won't have to deal with this later on down the road. I would say it is best for you to check with your sons private school and get their policy on this. every school operates differently. Hope this helps and good luck to you.

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    I'm not sure how reporting through a private school goes, so you'd likely have to contact them for specific regulations. If just homeschooling, then yes, you can use Time4Learning as your homeschool education. But again, with a blended program and your child still attending a school, you should check with them for requirements.
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