Homeschooling because of cutoff date
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    Default Homeschooling because of cutoff date

    My son misses the cutoff by a couple of weeks to start kindergarten. He should be starting September 2016, but because of the cutoff date in NC, he has to wait a whole year to start!! So I was wondering if it is OK that I homeschool him during the 2016 school year, instead of him doing nothing for a year. Do you think if I do that and get him evaluated after the year is over, the public school will let him start first grade? Or are they going to make him redo kindergarten again? I don’t want to hold him back, he is three now and knows more than the four year olds in our neighborhood. He is starting to read and sound out words and can write his name, just to name a few of his abilities. Plus he is alot bigger than kids his age already, I don’t want him sticking out even more. I have no problem homeschooling him for a year, I am a stay at home mom and taught pre-k for three years. So I already work with him daily to get him ahead of the pack. Please let me know if you have any advice. Thank you

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    Default Homeschooling because of cutoff date

    Yes. You absolutely should home school your son instead of having him "waste" a school year. During the following year you should register him as a first grade student. There should be no resistance to that at all. I've learned that there are strict rules for getting into the kindergarten. Those same rules seem to be null and void for any grade higher than the most basic school year, kindergarten. My child was in a very similar situation a couple of years ago. She was ahead of her age group and is a very tall girl. I homeschooled her for kindergarten and the next year registered her as a first grade student, I gave the school my records for her kindergarten year (homeschool). First grade was a breeze for her and she's now a happy seven year old third grader!. If you need more information please let me know.

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